About Us is an online entertainment and culture magazine. Established in 2009, the magazine is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and covers tattoos, Frauen stil, music, film, television, sports and culture, technology and science. Our writers are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

HISTORY: was originally known as Sound the Sirens Magazine, a punk/hardcore music magazine founded in 2001. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially and in the early days of online music/film/culture magazines, shared space amongst the most frequented and trusted sources for reviews, interviews, and features. The magazine went on hiatus in early 2008 and returned in late 2009 as .

Review Policy

If you are a band/label/zine and would like your material reviewed, please note that we accept all formats except for vinyl (we love vinyl and hope we will be able to support the format soon). If you are going to send us a CDR or home made recording, please make sure that it is properly packaged with appropriate information. We also recommend sending us digital preview versions of albums. We welcome unsolicited material.

If you would like to send us material for review, get in touch. *Please note that the editor is located in Melbourne, Australia. It would be best to send us the review information (CD title, artist) and we will add it to our writers list. We will then get in touch with an address.


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