Punctured Skulls On Saber-Toothed Cats Show They Viciously Fought Each Other With Bone-Penetrating Fangs

Perhaps the most iconic feature of saber-toothed cats are their long, iconic fangs. They disappeared thousands of years ago, but we are still learning just how vicious these creatures truly are.

There is debate regarding the true strength of saber-toothed cats’ iconic fangs. One of the theories suggest that the 11-inch (28-centimeter) fangs were actually fragile, and that the creatures’ bites were weak. In this theory, the extreme fangs were merely used once the saber-toothed cat has already brought its prey down and would have to bite down on its soft neck.

But were the iconic cats’ fangs really as weak and vulnerable as the theory suggests? In a new study, researchers present evidence that not only did the saber-toothed cats engage in fights with one another, but that their fangs were actually strong enough to pierce bone.

Iconic Fangs

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