Proof Of Life: Man Snaps Photo Of Elusive Colombian Weasel For The First Time

Many thought the elusive Colombian weasel was extinct because no one has seen the animal alive before. In 2011, an architect saw and even photographed one — inside a toilet.

On Feb. 26, 2011, architect and professor Juan M. de Roux accidentally found the rare animal in a bathroom beside his parents’ country house in Cali-Buenaventura road in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. He remembered seeing the animal as a child, and so when he encountered it again, he took the chance to snap several photos of the weasel using his camera.

“…the little animal moved frantically all over the bathroom, looking for a way out that allowed him to avoid me. I recall a weird scent, I knew at the time that mustelids have odor glands, so I was not surprised, it was something like urine and insects. When I was done with the shots I left the door opened, I did not get any nearer, as it is best to exercise precaution with wild mammals,” de Roux posted in a blog entry on the citizen website iNaturalist.

The Vulnerable Weasel

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