‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’: What We Learned From Bungie’s Year Three ‘Destiny 2’ Reveal

Ever since Bungie announced its split from Activision and it would self-publish “Destiny,” there have been plenty of questions around what the future of the franchise holds. Bungie has some answered those questions with the official reveal of “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.”

And besides “Shadowkeep,” some members of the Bungie team took a chance during the reveal to speak about what the future of “Destiny” holds in general.

“Shadowkeep” was the primary focus of the livestream as it kicked off with a new ViDoc talking about what the expansion will offer. As the original “Shadowkeep” leaks suggested, Guardians will be returning to the Moon for the first time since the original “Destiny.” Players will be battling the Hive in a new fortress that has been carved out on the Moon’s surface, along with “nightmares” of slain foes from the past.

Eris Morn will also be returning to be a narrative focus in the expansion.

Bungie also made it clear that it would be leaning more in the MMORPG aspects of the game it had actively avoided talking about when with Activision. One example shown off was “Armor 2.0,” which will allow players to tool out armor the way they want to rather than sticking with the base stats available. There will also be artifacts available to further impact stats, though Bungie doesn’t go much deeper.

New exotics and a renewed focus on the Crucible, “Destiny’s” PvP mode, were also teased.

As for availability, “Shadowkeep” will be a stand-alone expansion that doesn’t require “Forsaken” or any earlier content to play. Instead, Year One content of “Destiny 2” will be switching to a free-to-play model called “Destiny 2: New Light.” And going forward, new content will follow an a la carte model that will let players pick and choose new content without fear of being locked out from other content.

While that was plenty of information for “Destiny” players to chew on for now, Bungie has affirmed that it will be speaking more about Year Three and the general future of “Destiny” over the summer.

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