England Protects Marine Life With ‘Blue Belt’ Expansion

England just made another significant move to help protect marine life. In its widest expansion yet, 41 more locations were added to England’s “Blue Belt.”

On May 31, England’s Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced 41 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) from Cornwall to Northumberland. This means that about 4,633 square miles (12,000 square kilometers) of marine habitat are now protected. That is an area that is nearly eight times the size of Greater London.

The move is in line with the government’s commitment to creating a “Blue Belt” of marine protection to protect its own coast as well as overseas territories. Furthermore, it helps build on Britain’s 25 Year Environment Plan, which sets out to improve the environment within a generation. With the current expansion, creatures such as the stalked jellyfish and short-snouted seahorse, and habitats such as blue mussel beds will benefit from the protection.

‘Blue Belt’ Expansion

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