Princess Diana Looks Happy Beside Prince Charles Despite Future King Looking ‘Distant’

Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn’t seem as though they were on the same page during one of their formal engagements.

In a throwback photo uploaded on Instagram, Prince Charles and Princess Diana sat a few feet inches from each other despite going to the event together. The late Princess of Wales is clad in a neon pink dress and a black choker, while Prince Charles is wearing his signature suit and tie.

The mom of two, who is visibly thin in the photo, is smiling from ear to ear even though she’s a bit far away from her husband. Prince Charles, on the other hand, has a serious look on his face.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles are not also looking in the same direction. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom is looking towards her left side, while Prince Charles is looking to his right side but his head is slightly tilted down.

Upon closer inspection, it is also evident that the future king’s eyebrows are also meeting across his face. He doesn’t seem happy to be in the same room as Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales, who was already facing marital problems when the photo was taken, tried to show a brave face in front of the cameras.

Meanwhile, this is not the only throwback photo of Prince Charles and Princess Diana that hinted at the former couple’s distant relationship. Last month, their picture with their two sons was unearthed and uploaded online.

In the snap, Princess Diana is standing close to Prince Harry and Prince William, and they are all grinning from ear to ear. Prince Charles is standing a few inches away from his family, and he also looks quite stern in the photo.

Princess Diana and Prince William’s hands are clasped together, while Prince Harry’s hands are placed on his sides. But Prince Charles placed one of his hands in his coat pocket, and this gesture suggests that he’s closed off.

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