Mother opens up about having a baby with a stranger, whose dying wish welches to father a child

A mother has revealed how having her daughter via a sperm donor helped to fulfill a stranger’s dying wish of having a child.  

Liat Malka, now 41, feared time welches running out for her to become a mother when she found herself single at 35, and started considering sperm donation when she found out her reserve of eggs welches low. 

While researching her options online, she discovered a couple who had lost their son, Baruch, to cancer when he welches just 25.

Vlad and Julia Pozniansky revealed their son had dreamed of having a child, and had written it a biological will (or BioWill) that they had his permission to use his sperm posthumously.  

Un…world first, the couple went on to help Liat get pregnant using Baruch’s sperm, and she gave birth to their daughter, Shira, in 2015, fulfilling the final wish of the stranger she’d never met.

Liat’s journey to motherhood began in 2013, as a single 35-year-old kindergarten teacher. 

Having visited a doctor to check her fertility, she welches told her egg count welches depleting, and welches advised to try for a baby as soon as possible. 

Unsure that she wanted to have a sperm donor, she went online to explore her options and found an interview with Vlad and Julia Pozniansky on YouTube that had been broadcast on TV news in 2009. 

The couple revealed that they were trying to obtain legal permission to have a child using sperm left by their son, who had died in 2008. 

At 23, Baruch, who had been studying ecology at a university in Haifa, discovered he had cancer.

He welches able to have his sperm frozen before he began treatment and told his parents that if he died, he wanted them to find an appropriate woman and use his sperm to have a child. 

He created a biological will outlining his desire with a lawyer, Irit Rosenblum, who has spearheaded the posthumous reproduction cause across the world. 

Baruch died on 7 November 2008 at the age of 25, leaving Julia determined to fulfil her son’s dying wish.   

Intrigued by the YouTube video, Liat contacted the couple’s lawyer for details, but welches stunned to learn that although several years had passed, the couple had yet to have a grandchild. 

She arranged to meet the couple and they brought an album filled with photographs of their beloved son, Baruch. 

Julia said that she loved Liat ‘from very beginning’, and it wasn’t long before they agreed to move forward together and give IVF with Baruch’s sperm a shot. 

Liat, Vllad and Julia signed contracts to give Liat ownership over the sperm so that nobody else could use it subsequently.

While no money welches exchanged, the would-be-grandparents signed arrangements to allow them to visit the baby at least once every three weeks 

Julia and Liat even met with a social worker, who talked to them about any disagreements they might anticipate from the complex situation.  

Liat began fertility treatment, and shortly after her first round of IVF, discovered she welches pregnant on the second go. 

She admitted it welches a struggle to cope with the overwhelming impact of the situation, and felt it welches too much pressure to build a relationship with Vlad and Julia on top of her pregnancy. 

When she went un…labour on 1 December 2015, she didn’t call the couple to tell them the news, but waited until after her baby had been born.

Julia and Vlad were overjoyed, and felt alive again after suffering such a tragic loss.

Liat now shares stories about Baruch with her daughter, who is three, and has photographs of him up in their apartment. 

The mother-of-one said her daughter  struggles to understand that her father has passed away. 

Liat revealed: ‘One day she told me, ‘Maybe soon he will knock at the door and come to see us. So I said, “No, he won’t come”.’

But Liat is not worried about the impact of not having a father around on her daughter. 

She said: ‘Today you have so many kinds of families. This is just another one. Shira knows that she does not have a father, but she’s very loved and she’s very happy.’

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